Photos from OPEN Farquhar Inlet’s post

It’s been twenty four days since “OF” posted on this page.
( Sounds a bit like a Sinead O’Connor song don’t you think… ? )

“OF” does not apologise – a lot has been happening “ behind the scenes”…..

Late March 2019 “OF” was made aware that a small meeting had been arranged with Mid Coast Council representatives to discuss community concerns and management issues regarding Farquhar Inlet.

The meeting date was set for the 29th of April, 2019, one month post request for a meeting.

This meeting proceeded and was attended by :-

David West, Mayor Mid Coast Council.

Adrian Panuccio, General Manager Mid Coast Council.

Paul DeSzell, Director Community Services and Spaces and Acting Director Planning and Natural Systems.

Gerard Tuckerman, Manager Natural Systems.

All of the MCC “Big Wigs” were there.

“OF” was quite amazed that the request for this meeting was accepted and attended by the MCC representatives and by five community representatives from various groups with interest in the management of Farquhar Inlet and the South Channel of the Manning River.

This meeting focused basically around four key issues :-

1. “Flood Notch” Maintenance.

2. Coastal Management Plan.

3. Entrance Opening.

4. Navigational Dredging.

It was made quite clear at this meeting that sections of the community were “somewhat” (I’m being polite here !) annoyed at the current management strategies or lack of, and, the “somewhat” dubious information that was making it’s way into the community regarding Flood Notch preparation, dredging funding, dispersal of “spoil” from dredging works, commencement of dredging and licensing for all of the preceding.

Also mentioned was the loss of the Manning Estuary and Coastline Committee, the Manning Dredging Strategy, The Estuary Opening Management Plan, the Worley Parsons Study and others.

Representatives for ( and acting for ) the Manning Oyster Growers Association made comment regarding the loss of guaranteed water quality in the South Channel and Scotts Creek and the financial impact this has had on the production of Oysters in the Manning River.

The meeting took place over a two hour period and many things were discussed .

“OF” will try to post relevant information from the minutes of this meeting under the above “Key Issues” over the next few days – hopefully this may help inform the followers of this page where “things” are up to in this never ending saga…………

Watch this space.