Bulky Waste clean-up is coming!

Collections begin on 29 April and continue through to August across the region.

Now’s the time to get organised and familiarise yourself with the guidelines for waste collection.

Before you start putting items out on your kerb however, think about whether it could be re-homed instead and check the date for collection in your zone.

Your waste must be separated into two piles – one for scrap metal and whitegoods, and a separate pile for general and electronic waste.

We’re also asking that piles are not placed out too early, as none of us want our neighbourhoods looking like a tip!

Two days before your scheduled collection is plenty. Any earlier, and it will be considered illegal dumping and could result in a fine.

Collections commence in the Great Lakes region on Monday 29 April, followed by Manning region from Monday 24 June, and in Gloucester the clean-up kicks off on Monday 19 August.

See the schedule and find out more here=>