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Wallabi point coastal café was founded on Biripi land and it very close to some secret aboriginal sites so Wallabi café would like to anknowledge this by beginning to introduce some aboriginal art and learn more about the culture so it can be shown and talked about to all walks of people when they come into the café. Its not just a great spot to live, surf and visit. This area has a lot of history which is why it generates such a powerful vibe. A while ago I gave local biripi man Josh wood a surfboard and asked him to paint it and add a traditional acknowledgement of country. Josh spent a lot of time and went into great detail with the art and wording on the board. Every part has meaning and the acknowledgement goes as follows……

Guudjy Yiigu
This means “Greeting” “Gathang” is the language of the Biripi people , On which we pay our respect to elders past, present and future. Gathang, people of the Mid North Coast are reviving their language and culture passing it into their children , This is Biripi land .
Lets go together.

The acknowledgement of country will be presented in the café and hopefully be seen by all and spark conversation about our beautiful Wallabi point area and its culture.
If anyone has any historical pictures or Art or just things they think would be of value to our café and community to display please reach out.

Thankyou @jwoodubz13 Legend! 🤙
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