Expressions of Interest:
I am currently investigating the possibility of a training weekend at Chiltern Lodge run by Mick and Vicky Luke in the near future for my students:
Preliminary outline will be sleeping over Friday and Saturday night- one parent will have to be available to sleep over per cabin each night.
Friday afternoon/evening: light training and dinner.
Saturday: Stretch and strength and light basic training session before breakfast. (Students who have sporting activities they are committed to will of course to be able to leave and return later)

Saturday activities could include nature walk, swimming pool, table tennis, pool, team building exercises-rest time.

Saturday afternoon- training session- self defense.

Saturday evening- Barbque- campfire and visit by Aboriginal dance troupe and didgeridoo session.
Free time before bed.
Sunday: Yoga session before breakfast.
Free time until 11am approx.
Training session and demonstration for all parents who would like to attend followed by Bar-b-que lunch before going home.

Costs and dates will be arranged if sufficient interest is shown and as there maybe a selection of dates possible it will have to be given to highest number of people who are able to attend at that time.
Thanks Matt

Current available weekends before September are : April 6th and 7th; May 4th and 5th.